Melvinchng's Developer Profile

Android User | Android Apps Translator | Android Apps Tester | Android Root User | Google Nexus S user | Sony TX-Series user

  • Ordinary high school student using extraordinary Pure Google device (Android|), Samsung Google Nexus S. Unlocked (Root) this amazing device on the 4th day I bought it.
  • An Android application translator. Translated a few apps like 360 Launcher, GPS widgets, etc.
  • An Android application (launcher) tester for 360 company. You can find this app in the XDA-Developers forum. 
  • Do love photographing. A non-DSLR user but able to take amazing shoot by using Sony TX-Series compact camera.
  • A Windows user. Using self-assembled gaming PC. A HD gamers, e.g. Test Drive Unlimited, Test Drive Unlimited 2, GTA IV, NFS Shift etc.